Satchels of Gold (cattyhunts) wrote in oh_oh_fuck_you,
Satchels of Gold

I know a CD was made of it, but was a DVD ever made of Lewis' Carnegie Hall Performance?

I just got done rewatching on Comedy Central just now *I'm bummed he was voted as #5 performer and not #1*, and I would kill to have that on DVD.
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Deleted comment

Yes, he does. That's why I love my Black on Broadway DVD. It's uncencored and funny as hell.
Nope. There are only 4 DVDs of his stuff out that I know of, and Carnegie Hall isn't one of them.

Now I might TiVo him on Comedy Central, censored or not, and burn it to have it, though. Thanks for the heads up.
I'm cool with him being #5.. he looses a lot when he's being.. clean...

Dunham is HILARIOUS clean... I'm going to see him in a few weeks.. hopefully he'll be better dirty =)